Be more like these students

Knightstown,IN – At Knightstown Intermediate School, a group of voice students decided to participate in the school’s annual Random Acts of Kindness Week. They wanted to show their appreciation for the hardworking staff at their school and thought of a “sweet” way to do so.

The voice students decided to make homemade donuts and give them to the staff as a surprise. They spent hours in the school’s kitchen, mixing, rolling, and frying the dough.
On Monday morning, the voice students arrived at school early to set up a table outside the staff room. They had arranged the donuts on plates, along with a sign that read “From the Voice Students – Thank you for all that you do!”

As the staff members arrived at school, they were greeted with the delicious smell of fresh donuts. They were surprised and touched by the students’ thoughtful gesture. One teacher said, “I can’t believe how thoughtful and kind these students are. It’s days like this that make me love my job even more.”

The voice students felt thrilled to see the staff members’ reactions and enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the community. They had learned that a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s day.

Throughout the week, the act of kindness buzz caught on and more and more students continued to spread kindness by writing notes of appreciation to their classmates and teachers, some studets made valentines day cards for residents at a local nursing home.
By the end of the week, the students had not only brought joy to the staff members but also to their peers and the wider community. The staff members felt appreciated and the community benefited from their generosity. The  students at Kinghtstown Intermediate School had learned that kindness truly is contagious and that it is important to give back to others.