Cemetery Manager Plays Matchmaker for Lonely Widowed Goose on Valentine’s Day


After the passing of her mate Bud, Blossom the goose was left alone in the pond at Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown, Iowa. General manager Dorie Tammen noticed that Blossom would spend hours staring at her own reflection in the shiny surfaces of tombstones by the cemetery office, leading her to conclude that the goose needed companionship. Tammen posted a humorous ad on Facebook seeking a “lovely widowed goose” who was “youthful, adventurous, and lively,” hoping to find Blossom a new partner for occasional “shenanigans.”

The ad attracted the attention of Deb and Randy Hoyt, who had a widower goose named Frankie experiencing a similar heartbreak. The two couples arranged a Valentine’s Day date for the geese, and they hit it off immediately. Blossom and Frankie were seen swimming contently around the pond at Riverside and have been inseparable since.

Birds are known to mate for life, making them a fitting mascot for a cemetery. Tammen is thrilled that she was able to bring a little bit of joy to Blossom’s life and hopes that she and Frankie will be happy together for years to come.