Georgia Police Officer Revives Collapsed Cyclist in Heroic Rescue

Courtesy of Fox5 Atlanta

Last Saturday, a police officer in Georgia became a hero after he saved the life of a cyclist who collapsed on the road while he was on patrol in southwest Atlanta. Officer Jaleel Tulloch of the Atlanta Police Department described the incident as a “life-or-death situation” and jumped out of his car when he saw the man collapse on the road while motioning for him to cross in front of his car. Tulloch noticed that the man was struggling to breathe and was not moving.

Bodycam footage showed Tulloch immediately starting chest compressions and speaking to the man, who appeared to be fading in and out of consciousness. The officer kept calling out the man’s name so that he knew he was still there. Eventually, the man regained consciousness while Tulloch was issuing compressions. The Atlanta Fire Department and Grady EMS arrived shortly after to take over and transport the man to the hospital.

Grady EMS called Tulloch a hero and sent him a letter of commendation for his quick thinking, but the officer said he was just doing his job. The cyclist, identified only as Greg, is now recovering. The Atlanta Police Department thanked Officer Tulloch for his life-saving efforts and wished the cyclist a path to wellness during his recovery.