Heroic Hound Sparks Major Animal Rescue Operation

Courtesy of the Humane Society

A remarkable tale of animal heroism emerged when a 10-year-old Basset Hound escaped her neglectful home and saved numerous other animals. The dog, now fittingly named Hero, ran away wearing an ID tag that led animal control officers to a house where 38 animals were in desperate need of rescue.

Hero’s actions initiated a rescue mission that saved 36 dogs, a chicken, and a cat from lives of neglect and suffering. The shelter staff acknowledged the dog’s extraordinary bravery in naming her:

“We’ve given her a name that’s worthy of her and a last name of Salvare, which means to save and protect,” said staff at the Humane Society of Concord and Greater Cabarrus County in North Carolina, USA.

Judy Sims, the Executive Director of the Humane Society Concord, described the terrible conditions some of the animals were in when they arrived at the shelter: “Some were in small cages, some sleeping on feces in beds, some had injuries, several were emaciated. They were filthy. Most had medical issues.”

The Humane Society took in 15 of the dogs, including Hero, while other smaller animal rescues took in the rest. Members of the community contributed to cover medical and other expenses for the rescued animals.

“Despite Hero’s sad backstory, she’s proof that dogs are resilient creatures that only show unconditional love,” the shelter wrote.

A New Home Worthy of a Hero

Thankfully, many of the animals, including Hero and her two friends, Dave and Elsa, have been adopted. Dave, a very sweet American Bully, had large open wounds and muscle loss but has fully recovered, gaining 5kg over a month. Elsa, an English Bulldog, is described by the Humane Society as “sweet with all people and always looking for something to investigate.”