Rescued: Patches Finds Fur-ever Home Despite Health Challenges

Patches the cat

A 40-pound gray and white cat named Patches, despite facing health challenges, quickly garnered interest from potential adopters. Richmond Animal Care and Control actively campaigned for Patches, using social media with witty captions and images to attract attention.

The shelter’s Facebook post on April 19 humorously appealed to those looking to adopt an unusually large cat. Interested individuals were required to email the shelter with their home details and a pledge to assist Patches in reaching a safe and healthy weight.

Patches the rescued cat

Later that same day, Patches found a new home, as confirmed by the shelter in a video announcement. Christie Chipps Peters, director of Richmond Animal Care & Control, reported the next morning that Patches was settling in well with his new companion and expressed gratitude for finding someone committed to helping him achieve a healthier weight.