The Chosen Wins Film & Television Impact Award at the 10th Annual K-LOVE Fan Awards


The critically acclaimed series “The Chosen” emerged victorious in the Film & Television Impact category at the prestigious 10th annual K-LOVE Fan Awards. The show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins, expressed his intent to capture the essence of Jesus and the Gospels by emphasizing authenticity and relatability.

During the awards ceremony held at Nashville’s Opry House on May 28, the season three finale of “The Chosen” claimed the coveted award, surpassing other faith-based films like “Jesus Revolution,” Kirk Cameron’s “Lifemark,” and “Family Camp.” The finale garnered tremendous success in theaters, making its mark as the 9th highest-grossing movie during its opening weekend.

In a red carpet interview with The Christian Post before the awards show, Jenkins revealed that he does not dwell too much on the reasons behind the show’s success. However, he acknowledged that fans have expressed appreciation for its authenticity and the human element it portrays.

Jenkins shared, “Many people perceive Jesus and His followers as distant figures confined to stained glass windows or statues. Even when they read the Scriptures, they often struggle to establish a connection. By creating the show and presenting Jesus and His disciples as relatable human beings, we remind people that their struggles are not unique. Their questions mirror our own, and therefore, the answers can resonate with us as well.”

“The Chosen” has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide by offering a fresh perspective on the life of Jesus Christ and His disciples. The series has succeeded in bridging the gap between ancient biblical narratives and contemporary audiences, making the teachings and experiences of Jesus accessible to a broader range of viewers.

With its well-deserved recognition at the K-LOVE Fan Awards, “The Chosen” reaffirms its position as a transformative and impactful force in the realm of faith-based entertainment. The show’s ability to resonate with diverse audiences underscores its enduring appeal and sets a new standard for portraying biblical stories on screen. As fans eagerly anticipate the next season, it is clear that “The Chosen” will continue to captivate viewers with its authentic portrayal of the character and intentions of Jesus and the Gospels.

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